Ultimate Palawan Itinerary for 10 Days

Ultimate Palawan Itinerary for 10 Days

Ultimate Palawan Itinerary for 10 Days

Are you planning to visit Palawan? We’ve put together the perfect Palawan itinerary for first-time visitors. The island of Palawan is one of the best destinations in the world.

Why visit Palawan? Because its beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, impressive limestone rock formations, and amazing marine life will fascinate every visitor.

If there’s one place in the world we could return to at any time, it would be the tropical paradise of Palawan in the Philippines.

In this post, you’ll find out how to get to Palawan and what the best things to do and see in your 10-days in Palawan itinerary.


Where is Palawan

The province of Palawan is located in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines, and its capital is Puerto Princesa.

Palawan island is the largest island in the province of Palawan and the best destination in the Philippines.

Best time to Visit Palawan

The Philippines has a tropical climate with warm weather and very high humidity all year round.

Palawan has two seasons: a dry season from November to May and a rainy season from June to October.

Typhoons can also occur during the rainy season.

The best time to visit Palawan is from November to May during the dry season, as the scenery is beautiful and the weather is warm.

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When to go Palawan Island

The busiest and warmest months are from March to April.

During the peak season, prices are higher, El Nido and Coron are very crowded, and ferry tickets can sell out quickly.

The rainy season is ideal for those looking for budget prices or who want to avoid crowds. However, the Palawan island hopping tours may be canceled due to weather or sea conditions!

Palawan tourist spot

How to Get to Palawan Island

You can easily get to Palawan by plane. Most people arrive first in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and then take a budget flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

You can also travel from Cebu to Puerto Princesa, but you’ll probably get cheaper flights from Manila to Puerto Princesa.

  • Puerto Princesa Airport: Puerto Princesa is the capital of the province of Palawan, about a 1.5-hour flight from Manila. The main airport on the island of Palawan is where most travelers start their Palawan itinerary.
  • El Nido Lio Airport: If you are looking for the quickest way to El Nido, you can fly here, but flights are overpriced.
  • Francisco B. Reyes Airport: This airport is located on Busuanga Island, and flight tickets are expensive, but it is the fastest way to get to Coron.
  • San Vicente Airport: Currently, the plane schedules are limited, and the price is high, but it is an option if you want to get to Palawan or Port Barton quickly.
How to Get to Palawan Island

Day 1: Arrival in Puerto Princesa City

Start your Palawan itinerary in Puerto Princesa.

The city doesn’t offer much to see and do, so most people will travel to El Nido after arriving and skip the city’s main attractions.

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Just a 1.5-hour drive from the city is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the Philippines’ most beautiful natural attractions.

After visiting this Unesco World Heritage site, you can spend the afternoon relaxing in nearby Sabang village or take an island hopping tour in Honda Bay.

As visiting the Underground River is a full-day activity, add an extra day to your Palawan itinerary.

Palawan Itinerary for 10 days

Most travelers from Puerto Princesa take a minivan to El Nido. Many companies operate the shuttle service between the two cities, and the minivan costs around 600-700 PHP.

The minivans usually take 5-6 hours to arrive at the Corong-Corong bus terminal, which is only a few minutes from El Nido town.

Once you arrive in El Nido, book an island hopping tour for the next day.

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Best beach in Palawan

Day 2: Go on an El Nido Island Hopping Tour

Good morning El Nido! Start your Palawan itinerary by discovering Bacuit Bay and taking one of the best El Nido island hopping tours.

On the boat tour, you can visit the surrounding islands, tropical beaches, stunning limestone formations, and some hidden lagoons.

Island hopping tours are the best things to do in El Nido, Palawan.

There are 4-different tours (A, B, C, D) to choose from in El Nido, all of which are amazing.

During the island hopping tour, you can swim, snorkel, rent a kayak or sunbathe on the boat.

El Nido Tour, Palawan

If you want to take two El Nido tours and explore the waterfalls in the area, we recommend adding an extra day to your Palawan itinerary.

El Nido island hopping tours start from 1260 PHP, and we recommend you should take the “A” tour or “D” tour. We did the “A” tour, which was a fantastic experience in the Philippines.

The El Nido tours are approximately 7 hours long, starting in the morning around 8:30-9:30 AM and finishing between 4-5 PM.

The price usually includes lunch, drinking water, a life jacket, and a snorkel mask.

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Kayaking in the Small Lagoon, El Nido

Day 3: Visit the Best Beaches in El Nido

The keyword for this day is relaxation, so spend the whole day on the most beautiful beaches of El Nido.

Did you know that the island of Palawan has been voted the most beautiful island in the world many times?

Palawan is a tropical paradise with beautiful white sand beaches, stunning limestone rock formations, crystal clear waters, wonderful islands, and lagoons.

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How to get to Palawan, Philippines

You can rent a kayak, snorkel, swim, take a zipline between the islands, or chill out in one of the beach bars.

These beaches are a must-see in El Nido: Nacpan Beach, Coron Corong Beach, Duli Beach, and Las Cabanas Beach.

The best and cheapest way to explore El Nido is to rent a scooter.

You can rent a scooter in El Nido for around 300-500 PHP/day at the hotels or in town.

Las Cabanas Beach El Nido

Day 4: Travel to Coron

It’s time to say goodbye to El Nido for a short time and continue your Palawan itinerary to the beautiful island of Coron.

Coron is one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines, with its picturesque beaches, stunning rock formations, crystal clear waters, and World War II shipwreck scuba diving spots.

You can get from El Nido to Coron by plane, slow or fast ferry. Find out more about getting to Coron, Palawan.

Best Snorkeling spot in Palawan

We took the fast ferry from El Nido to Coron. The fast ferry takes just 3.5-4.5 hours and is one of the best ways to travel to Coron.

As the ferries only run twice a day, tickets may sell out quickly, so we suggest buying in advance online or at the port of El Nido!

Ferry tickets from El Nido to Coron one-way cost 1850 PHP/35 USD per person.

Ferries operated by Montenegro depart from the port of El Nido to Coron at 6 AM and noon.

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Palawan Travel guide

Day 5: Go on a Coron Island Hopping Tour

Coron was the best part of our Philippines travel, so we had already planned our Palawan itinerary to include enough time to take two island hopping tours.

We also did the A tour here on the first day as in El Nido.

But it’s good to know that Coron island hopping tours are more expensive than El Nido tours!

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The Coron island hopping tours usually start around 8-9 AM and finish around 4-5 PM.

Island hopping tours in Palawan

Tour A includes the CYC Beach, Coral Garden, Atyawan Beach, Siete Pecados, Hidden Lagoon, and Kayangan Lake and their entrance fees.

The group A tour starts from an average of 1850 PHP (35 USD).

Group tours include hotel pick-up and drop-off, drinking water, a buffet lunch, and afternoon snacks.

The most photographed spot in Coron is the crystal clear emerald green waters of Kayangan Lake, the cleanest lake in the Philippines.

Kayangan Lake, Coron

Day 6: Take another Coron Island Hopping Tour

After the last fantastic experience, it’s time to discover more of Coron and go on another island hopping tour.

Tour B includes Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon, Reef Garden, and their entrance fees.

The group B tour starts from an average of 2188 PHP (42 USD).

Barracuda Lake is the most beautiful snorkeling and diving spot in Coron. The water is so crystal clear that you can see the magnificent limestone cliff formations standing on the wooden dock.

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Barracuda Lake Coron

Wreck diving is a popular activity in Coron, Palawan, and at the Skeleton Wreck, you can see a Japanese shipwreck that sank during World War II.

The B tour offers a beautiful snorkeling site at Reef Garden, where you can discover amazing marine life.

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As the boat tours are popular, you should book a Coron island hopping tour in advance for the next day! You can book private or group boat tours anywhere in the town or online.

Banol Beach, Coron

Day 7: Go Back to El Nido

We know how you feel when you leave Coron Island, as it is the highlight of every Palawan itinerary.

But don’t worry! You can still spend some time in El Nido visiting the waterfalls, hiking Taraw Cliff Canopy Walk and enjoying the nightlife of El Nido, or chilling out on one of the beaches.

From Coron, you can return to El Nido in the same way as you arrived from Coron by fast ferry or by plane.

Find out more about getting to El Nido, Palawan.

Palawan itinerary 7 days

Day 8: Travel to Port Barton, San Vicente

Port Barton is a hidden gem on the Palawan itinerary, perfect for those who want to avoid the crowds of El Nido or Coron.

Port Barton is a quiet small coastal village with stunning snorkeling spots, fantastic island hopping tours, white sandy beaches, and the most beautiful sunsets.

Get to Port Barton, Palawan

How to Get to Port Barton, Palawan

Getting to Port Barton is very easy from El Nido or Puerto Princesa.

  • From Puerto Princesa, you can reach Port Barton by bus or minivan. The journey time is 3,5-5 hours, depending on traffic. Bus tickets start from 380 PHP, and minivans costs are around 400-600 PHP.
  • There are regular buses and minivans to Port Barton from El Nido bus station. Bus tickets start from 350 PHP, and minivan fares are around 650-900 PHP. The journey time is 4-6 hours, depending on traffic.
Port Barton Itinerary, Palawan

Day 9: Go on a Port Barton Island Hopping Tour

We enjoyed staying in Port Barton, Palawan. We did a combined island hopping tour, visited some beautiful places, and saw a cute turtle, colorful fish, coral, and many starfish while snorkeling.

Port Barton Island hopping tours would start approximately 8-9 AM and finish around 4-6 PM.

The “A” Island hopping tour is the most popular.

But in Port Barton harbor, you can easily book an island hopping tour and agree on a combined trip with the boat captain.

Port Barton Island Hopping Tour

Port Barton Island Hopping Tours

  • Port Barton Tour A: Twin Reef, Wide Reef, Lagoon Reef, Turtle Spot, German Island, Starfish Island, Paradise Island.
  • Port Barton Tour B: Twin Reef, Turtle Spot, Starfish Island, Maxima Island, Fantastic Reef, Paradise Island.
  • Port Barton Tour C: Aquarium Reef 1-2, Wide Reef, Turtle Spot, Paradise Island, Twin Reef, Starfish Island.
  • Port Barton Tour D: Turtle Spot, Twin Reef, Bigaho Falls, Paradise Island, Lagoon Reef, Starfish Island.

The Port Barton island hopping tours start from 1200 PHP, which includes the entrance fee, snorkeling mask, lunch, and drinking water.

Not all tours include the German island entrance fee, so you may have to pay an extra 100 PHP.

In Port Barton, be sure to visit White Beach and Long Beach.

Swimming with Turtles in Port Barton

Day 10: Leave Palawan, Philippines

It’s time to say goodbye to Palawan and travel back to Puerto Princesa from Port Barton. Then, you can return home or continue exploring the Philippines.

From Port Barton, you can reach Puerto Princesa by bus or minivan. The journey time is 3,5-5 hours, depending on traffic.
Bus tickets start from 380 PHP, and minivans costs are around 400-600 PHP.

The bus is the cheapest option between Puerto Princesa and Port Barton. But there are no air-conditioned buses, which in our experience was not very comfortable for a long bus ride.

Getting around Palawan, Philippines

We hope our 10-day Palawan itinerary will help you plan your next trip to the Philippines. If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know in the comments below.


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