Saxer Lücke hiking trail in 1 day

Saxer Lücke hiking trail in 1 day

Saxer Lücke hiking trail in 1 day

Visit Eastern Switzerland in the Appenzell region and discover one of the most beautiful hiking trails. The Saxer Lücke is situated at 1649 m above sea level. You can reach on a 3 km hike from the Staubern cable car station to Saxer Lücke.


How to get to Saxer Lücke?

There are several options to access Saxer Lücke, these are the 2 most popular options.

1. Staubern

From Frümsen, go to the cable car station, and the cable car can reach Staubern in 10 minutes. Right next to the Staubern is a mountain hut, the Berggasthaus, which offers accommodation and food.

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Then hike to the Saxer Lücke, which takes about 3 km and can reach in 1.5 hours. During your trip, you will have many stunning viewpoints.

The Staubern cable car starts every hour but also goes every half hour with 3 or more people. The cable car takes just 10 minutes to reach Staubern.
You can buy a ticket at ticket machines and pay by credit card or local money in CHF. You can park for free next to the Staubern cable car station.

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Ticket prices

Ticket prices for adults (from 16 years old) one-way 18 CHF, return 36 CHF. Children one-way 9 CHF, return 18 CHF. The cable car is free for children under 6 years old.

Opening hours

April: 9 AM-10 PM
May: 8 AM-10 PM
June-September: 7 AM-10 PM
October: 8 AM-10 PM
November-December: 9 AM-10 PM (It is not possible to use the cable car in winter and bad weather.)

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2. Hoher Kasten

From Brülisau, take a cable car to Hoher Kasten station. The cable car takes just 10 minutes to reach Hoher Kasten and leaves every 20 minutes. Then pass the Staubern, and you will reach the Saxer Lücke. Then hike to the Staubern, which takes about 4.5 km and can reach in 3.5 hours.

Cable car departure times

From July 4 to September 6: 7 AM-6 PM
From September 7 to October 25: 8 AM-5 PM
From October 26 to November 1: 9 AM- 4 PM
From November 2, the cable car will stop.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices for adults one-way 28 CHF, return 46 CHF.
Free for children up to 15 years old.
For students, a one-way ticket of 19.60 CHF, returns 32.20 CHF.
A one-way ticket for dogs 8 CHF, return 12 CHF.

Sauer Lücke hiking trail

We arrived at Staubern station by cable car. The weather was not perfect, but it was ideal for hiking. Always be informed of the weather conditions at the beginning of the trip. If you want to hike in such a mysterious fog, it is worth going in bad weather.
There are stairs and rope railings along the route. A slower, safer move is recommended on rocky, steep slopes.

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Buy a hiking bag with a rain cover and always bring a raincoat.

Saxer Lücke

You can see the Saxer Lücke from several viewpoints. These can usually reach by leaving the selected hiking route. Then continue along the route to visit the wonderful Fälensee.

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How to get to Fälensee?

From the Saxer Lücke viewpoints, continue the hiking trail to the Fälensee, which is 1 km away, and you can reach 30 minutes. The route is not easy, there are a lot of gravel parts, it is worth using a hiking stick. At Berggasthaus Bollenwees you can have lunch or dinner depending on when you arrive at the Fälensee. If you are planning a day trip or longer hike, you can stay here overnight.

Don’t miss the most beautiful viewpoint of the lake. Passing the mountain hut, walk up the hill on the trail marked with a small sign and see the magnificent view of the Fälensee.
There are several routes from Fälensee back to Staubern cable car station.


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