Ebenalp, Schäfler, Seealpsee hiking trail, Switzerland

Seealpsee, Schäfler, Ebenalp hiking trail

Schäfler, Seealpsee Ebenalp hiking trail

One of the best starting points in the Appenzell region in eastern Switzerland is Wasserauen, where popular hiking trails are located there. You can visit places such as Schäfler, one of the most famous panoramic mountains in the Alpstein. Many people visit the popular mountain restaurant Berggasthaus Aescher or chill next to the turquoise Seealpsee.


Ebenalp hiking trail

The hiking trail starts from Wasseraun, which is simply available by train or car. There is a large car park in Wasseraun, but during peak season places quickly run out. Many people choose to stay in one of the cozy guesthouses on the mountain.

Visit here on weekdays or arrive early morning on weekends.

The parking ticket is valid until 24 hours and costs 5 CHF. You can be extended by extra hours or reduced if you only take a half-day tour.

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After arrival, you can take the cable car or hike to Ebenalp. The cable car takes just 6 minutes to reach Ebenalp and runs every 15 minutes.

Ticket prices for adults 31 CHF return / 20 CHF single. Children (6-15 years) 12 CHF return / 7,50 CHF single. Under six years of age, the use of the cable car is free of charge.

Always look at the weather and current information here.

The distance from Wasserauen to Ebenalp is 3.5 km, which you can finish in 1.5 hours. During your trip, you will pass a fantastic viewpoint.
Then you can relax in the Berggasthaus Ascher mountain restaurant for a refreshing drink or a delicious lunch. For the rest of the tour, you pass a church and then continue through a cave to Schäfler, which is also 1.5 hours away.

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Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, Switzerland


Choose hiking because the hiking trail passes by the mountain restaurant. If you arrive by cable car and want to see the Berggasthaus Ascher, you will need to walk back from the cable car station to the Aescher. Most people take a rest at the Berggasthaus Schäfler.
Book your accommodation here and watch the magical sunrise from the top of the Schäfler. The Schäfler viewpoint is beautiful, so it is worth a hike.

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The best time to visit the Appenzell region is from June to October. These months are ideal for hikes. It can be cold, so bring warm clothes and a raincoat.


There are several routes from Schäfler to Seealpsee. The most beautiful hiking trail to Seealpsee is through the ridge of Schäfler to the Altenalp mountain hut. There you can fill your water bottle with fresh drinking water.

The hiking trail is not easy, steep, and narrow, but the dangerous parts are provided with wire ropes.
It is recommended to choose hiking shoes and clothing for hiking. Seealpsee gives fantastic opportunities for a picnic, boating, or chill.

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The hiking loop is 14 km: Wasserauen – Berggasthaus Ascher – Ebenalp – Schäfler – Seealpsee.

Saxer Lücke hiking trail

Visit Eastern Switzerland in the Appenzell region and discover one of the most beautiful hiking trails. The Saxer Lücke is situated at 1649 m above sea level.

You can reach on a 3 km hike from the Staubern cable car station to Saxer Lücke.

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  1. Carefull on the hike between seealpsee and schäfler: The first part up to Altenalp mountain hut is very steep and quiet dangerous at some points. But managable. The second part though up to Schäfler is NOT recomended for unexperienced hikers. Very steep, slidy, dangerous without good shoes and at some points even harness. Dont do this unless you r sure.

    1. Hi! Thanks for this helpful tip! We did the hike from Schäfler to Seealpsee, not the opposite way round. There are probably several routes to choose from, so we suggest going from Schäfler to Seealpsee. We did this hike, which was of moderate difficulty, and wire ropes were available for the dangerous parts.

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